#JazzGirlProblems Vol. 1

         Hello and welcome to the first official article in Back Beat Magazine! Our first poll lead us to believe that you, the readers, wanted to see some of our #JazzGirlProblems. This kind of article will be featured as one of our originals in Back Beat Magazine, so we are excited to share it with you. However, we need YOUR help from now on! Please send us your 1-2 sentence #JazzGirlProblems to magazine.backbeat@gmail.com. Send as many as you’d like, as often as you think of them! If you have a Twitter, hashtag your thoughts and we’ll pick them up from there as well.  For now, please enjoy the ones our editors and fellow Jazz Girls have come up with!

1. Just walking alone. At night. To a gig. At a club in an alley. With an $8,000 dollar instrument strapped to my back. #jazzgirlproblems

2. He went for a hug. I went for a jazz secret-handshake. #jazzgirlproblems

3. Wait, so, you’re a jazz dancer? #jazzgirlproblems

4. My name is not Baby. #jazzgirlproblems

5. Oh, you’re a jazz major? So you sing? No. #jazzgirlproblems

6. Last-minute gig. Decides to wear pants. Sees drummer. Should have worn skirt. #jazzgirlproblems

7. School band goes on tour. Get own hotel room. #jazzgirlproblems Oh wait. That’s not a problem.

8. I think you need some female mentors on your instrument.  Have you ever checked out… Uh… Well… #jazzgirlproblems

9. Boobs are heavy. Saxophone is heavy. Both need bras. Bras create back problems. #jazzgirlproblems

10. Length of set does not correlate with heaviness of flow. Decide that Depends are the best option. #jazzgirproblems

Ladies, remember, any time you encounter any #JazzGirlProblems, hashtag them on Twitter, or email them to us at magazine.backbeat@gmail.com

Our next article, to be posted on Wednesday (3/7/12), will feature a review of a masterclass with the great jazz vocalist Marion Cowings. He visited Michigan State University last month and our editor Shirley Booker was lucky enough to be there and take notes. There will be some great advice about communication between instrumentalists and vocalists — and how they can be one and the same — as well as an overview of his performance with the jazz faculty at MSU.

Haven’t heard of Marion Cowings? Check out his killin’ version of “Ceora” called “For Ceora.” He has wonderful control of his voice – and charming original lyrics!

Marion Cowings “For Ceora” live at the Blue Note:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5UZKl6gyEw&feature=related

Swing sisters, swing!
From your editors,
Sweetie McJivin & Shirley Booker


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