10 Fingers: Eric Harland

by Ella Campbell

L-R Eric Harland, Ella, Reuben Rogers

Warning: There are only eight questions. Probably got distracted by conversation or the tape stopped rolling. Anyway, here you go. 10-Fingers-Minus-2 with Eric Harland, the drummer with SF Jazz Collective, Charles Lloyd quartet and many others.

1. Jazz Girl: What is your favorite music to listen to while you’re in a thoughtful mood?
Eric Harland: “Hm. If I’m in a thoughtful state of mind I’m listening to something very zen. It’s hard to describe, you know with Pandora it’s so easy to just go to there and pick a zen station. So it’s not very particular, but it’s either that or classical music. Classical music really stimulates my mind. I’m really heavy into Brahms. Wow, that’s a good question, because we can cheat so much now with things like Pandora.”

2. JG: What’s your favorite booty music, or, dance music?
EH: “Oh. I was like, booty music? stuff to git dowwwn to? But anyway. To dance. Oh, well that’s definitely hip-hop.”
JG: Like who?
EH: “You guys need actual names?”
JG: Yes. I need names. I need information. Proof that you actually listen to it!
EH: “Oh. You need tangible information. Okay, I like Dwele.”

3. JG: What is the most meaningful moment you have had during private lessons?
EH: “It’s when the students actually 100% understand what I am talking about, because sometimes you’re sitting there and you just feel like you’re talking to a wall. And you’re just like, come on now, I’m trying to give you advice.”
JG: “Sometimes I feel like that wall…”

4. JG: Who is a young musician we should be looking out for?
EH: “Louis Cole and Genevieve Artadi. They’re electronica and a mix of different stuff. Super killin’. Superbad.”

5. JG: What was the first album you bought that you couldn’t stop listening to?
EH: “John Coltrane Love Supreme. I wore it out. I had to buy two.”

6. JG: What song did you have stuck in your head today?
EH: “What song did I have stuck in my head to-dayyyyy. It was actually a Louis Cole and Genevieve song. It’s a really sweet song. They’re super young. Maybe 20, 21, but they’re so universally conscious. I like that. You can feel it in their music. Killin. So badass. And I don’t give it up very easily! I don’t.”

7. JG: What is your favorite basement music?
EH: “Oh shit. I mean, everything. For some reason, when you in a basement situation, there’s always some kinda J Dilla. ALL DAY. Just sessions, after sessions. And you’re just like ‘This cat. Is so fucking GENIUS.’ And you know, he’s on everybody’s stuff. So then everybody start puttin’ on some Common. Then, you start listening to jazz too, like some early Trane, Miles Davis Quintet, but you know like, the lost sessions. Check all that stuff out. The outtakes from Kind of Blue. It also depends on what you doin’ too.”
JG: Like if you’re in the basement with a bunch of guys or with a girl?
EH: “Well, I mean, I wouldn’t be in the basement with a girl. Cause I mean… If it’s on that vibe. … I mean. You already know. But if it’s guys hanging out, you end up playing some video games…”
JG: “cause, usually, we end up chillin’ in the basement with a bunch of dudes… jazz.” -_-
EH: “Yeah, but that’s because they look at you as a friend.”
JG: “Sometimes.”
EH: “Uh oh! Sometimes they tryna step?”

8. JG: Who are some musicians you’d like to see perform live?
EH: Bach, Jimi Hendrix, John Coltrane

Until next time,
Swing sisters, Swing!


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