10 Fingers: Jason Moran

by Ella Campbell

After seeing Charles Lloyd perform, we got the chance to catch up with Jason Moran. We had a quick interview with him, and some of the answers were a little surprising!

Also, we only got 9 questions. So, 10-Fingers-Minus-1:

1. What is your favorite music for when you are in a thoughtful mood?
“Aww shit. I don’t know. Bach.”

2. What music makes you get up and dance?
212, Azealia Banks.” (What? Jason Moran? Who ARE you?)

3. What was the most profound moment you had during a private lesson or masterclass?
“In a lesson, Jaki Byard telling me that I played too loud in my piano lesson.”

4. Who is a young musician we should be looking out for? Tyshawn Sorey

5. What music from your childhood has stuck with you?
“James Brown”

6. What was the first record that you bought that you couldn’t stop listening to?
“Oh! DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. Very first record. Yes. That was the very first record that I bought.”

7. What song was stuck in your head today?
“Um, I didn’t have one. I’m sorry.”
“I can’t think of one!”
So what did you listen to today, then?
“Nothing. I didn’t listen to any music.” He laughed, “I’m inspiring right?”

8. Favorite basement music?
“I would put on this guy named Koffi Olomide from the Congo.  He does pop music over there called Soukous. Dance-congolese-pop-music.”

9. If you could see any musicians perform, alive or dead, who would they be?
“Well I need to see Prince. I haven’t seen Prince.
Thelonious Monk.
I’d want to see … I mean, if I could just, see shit? I’d want to be in the audience and see the Right of Spring performed for the first time. Actually, I’d want to see Bach improvise.”

Until next time.
Swing sisters, swing!


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