Art Un-Covered

by Ella Campbell

Please forgive this blog entry for being a bit more casual than usual.

Buzz buzz buzz: NEXT Collective‘s album Cover Art.

I’ve got your back, readers. I have made us all a playlist with all of the original tunes on it.

Jazz to me, has a history of taking popular songs, and playing instrumental versions of it. But Ella, then all cover bands would be considered jazz! Oh shush.

Also, jazz has a history of its artists searching for songs in their most original rendition. I also think it’s finally found its cycle (it is only like a hundred years old, after all). It goes from being something people are timid about, to being something mainstream and popular that people can dance to. And then it wades away from that, becoming something distant from popular culture again. I think jazz is just on it’s way back around to performing popular tunes of the time and being approachable to a mainstream audience. All the while, people play all kinds of jazz from any given era on any given day. Maybe jazz just has a history of being a music that presents what the day calls for.

In the end of it all, whether this album is jazz, I don’t really know and I don’t really care. I do think “jazz musicians” (for whatever that title is or isn’t worth… nowadays with “jazz musicians” winning R&B Grammys and whatnot) will claim it for themselves. Anyhoot. Just listen to it and enjoy it, MFs. < That means, my friends, right?

But listen to this first.

1. Twice

2. No Church In the Wild

3. Africa

4. Fly or Die

5. Oceans

6. Refractions in the Plastic Pulse

7. Marvins Room

8. Come Smoke My Herb

9. Perth

10. Thank You

Bonus Tracks

11. Beep Me 911

12. Weightless

13. Little Brother

14. Wonderfox

Just don’t tell your parents you were listening to Drake and Kanye.

Until next time,

Swing, or not, sisters!

– Ella


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