Community Music School of Ann Arbor: For Namesake




Hello Lovely Readers,

Let me say off the bat that this is me personally asking each and every one of you to help my student in the music program, COMP. Yes, it’s also another crowd-funding initiative, and yes, like many: it’s moving slowly. Also similar to many other crowd-funding campaigns, it is meaningful. It’s a great idea that needs greater support.

This is a program that needs to co-evolve with its community. The more our community gives, the more we can give back to our community.

This crowd-funding campaign is being used to raise awareness and funds for the COMP program that provides free music lessons for under-served public middle school students in Ann Arbor, Michigan . Our teachers travel to different middle schools and teach lessons between the end of school hours and the time the latest school bus can take our students home. Our teachers are positive influences for students and encourage students to work hard, take themselves seriously and take responsibility for their assignments in lessons and school.

Check out the campaign’s site here:

(My student is the alto saxophone player in the video!)

Please help continue to strengthen the relationship between the Ann Arbor Public Schools and the Community Music School of Ann Arbor. Strengthen the relationship between students and their musical community.

In the end of it all,

your donation provides mentors for students in need.

– fin –


COMP is a program set up between the Ann Arbor Public Schools and the Community Music School of Ann Arbor (previously known as Ann Arbor School for the Performing Arts).